Account Security

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Account Security

We’ve been told that we’ve taken the security of INH Opportunities seriously and we agree with what they have to say!

How we view and store user data has been under constant review throughout the entire development of INH Opportunities to ensure that we hold the highest level of account security for our users. Here are just a few things we’re doing to protect your information…

All interactions you make with the site is heavily encrypted via SSL encryption, just like Facebook & PayPal, and data is securely stored to our own private server located in the US, which is under constant monitoring by our team.

We have introduced a number of security triggers that will quickly disable any accounts seen to have suspicious activity or attempting unauthorised access to a section of the site.

We’ve introduced a ‘two-step verification’ for users registering to the site via their email address to avoid any ‘fake accounts’ or ‘website bots’ used to seek security vulnerabilities in other social networking sites.

All passwords are stored within our server under multiple encryption strings unique to your own profile – yep, that was a big task for us to set-up!

All documentation that you upload to our server has multiple permission settings to only allow our team and specific event coordinators access to the required files.

Along with ensuring that your account is secure, we provide you with the ability to manage all personal information stored on our system so that you have total control and can easily view / modify as you wish!

There are so many more steps that we’ve taken to provide our users the confidence when applying for opportunities across in event’s industry.

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