“They [I Need Helpers] look after their own and offer plenty of opportunities. Not everyone is like I Need Helpers and its good to know that they will protect the rights of all volunteers in their care.” Jessica Rice | William Angliss Institute 



Are you looking for a centralised platform to allow you to easily connect with rewarding and enjoyable event opportunities to enhance your employment possibilities?

I Need Helpers is dedicated to providing a centralised platform to those interested in being involved with the growing events industry. Over the years, we have built a reputation for ethical and well managed staff and volunteer programs as well as creating a centralised platform (INH Opportunities), on which we have 22,174 active users.

The I Need Helpers’ team manages a number of opportunities, which are all posted through INH Opportunities. In addition to staff and volunteer programs managed by us, other companies have the ability to use our rostering platform and manage your involvement for their own events. To ensure ethical placement and to keep best practices, we monitor feedback submitted through the review system and companies seen to receive negative feedback will be removed – so you can be rest assured of an enjoyable and safe experience.

To gain access to our community and gain access to our exciting opportunities throughout Australia in this ‘event’-ful industry, please create an account through INH Opportunities.



Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and contacts within the events industry. I Need Helpers is dedicated to providing students with ethical and well managed hands-on experience that cannot be attained in the classroom. As you can see by our testimonials, we have a huge focus in best practices and ensuring you receive the most from your involvement.

By volunteering in the industry you will gain that little extra edge on top of your qualification, that others won’t have.

97.9% of those who participated with I Need Helpers during 2015 felt INH Opportunities provided them with a ‘significant improvement to the way they express interest in the Victorian major events industry’.

All volunteer experience can assist with solidifying course content and detraining career direction in the big world of events. Click here to join the community!



The I Need Helpers’ team has been managing short term staff placement for a number of small and large-scale events. We have now introduced the ability for staff to apply for these positions directly through INH Opportunities.

We have a number of paid event positions available through INH Opportunities, including Event Crew, Corporate Hosts, Drivers and Hospitality Support – all within the events industry. We have only recently allowed for paid positions to be available on our site whilst we grew our career-focused database – paid positions within industry is something we are looking to grow over the months and hope you keep your profile up to date to be considered for these roles.



Are you looking to gain event experience to assist you with your current course or to gain extra casual work in the field you love? Join the I Need Helpers community! You will receive emails of event opportunities within your city that I Need Helpers is both coordinating or providing the support for. Click here to register.


Feel free to contact us. INH xxo

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