The I Need Helpers’ Team is pleased to introduce you to INH Opportunities, the fastest growing community platform the events industry has seen! INH Opportunities provides a centralised platform for individuals wanting to gain access to career-developing opportunities (paid & unpaid) with ease.

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INH Opportunities on iPhone & Android is designed to provide a personalised experience, providing push notifications for critical involvement changes and ease of accessibility of all onsite documentation / information right from your mobile device whilst at our events.

The Key Benefits To You

  • Track your application progress (see when your application has been reviewed and if you’ve progressed etc.).
  • Allows all your event involvement to be recorded to assist you in improving your chances of being involved in future years!
  • Provides you with a certified record of involvement (inc. hours contributed).
  • Provides you with further profile management – allowing you to easily update your availability and contact information so that we’re matching you with shifts that suit you!
  • Connect and Interact with other like-minded individuals through our social feed, photoboard and future developments.
  • Allows a once-only upload of certificates so you don’t need to re-submit documents like your RSA each time!
  • Allows you to access more content regarding your involvement at a simple click.
    Creates a centralised record for all correspondence you have with us concerning your past and upcoming involvement with ‘INH Mail’.
  • Obtain INH Points to further your access and increase your chances of being shortlisted.

The platform that we have created is the first of its kind and has established a link between individuals and industry that has not been seen before. We hope to continually develop the application’s functionality, purpose and use to ensure the platform remains the connective tissue for all wanting to gain industry experience.

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