Staff & Volunteer Testimonials


“I would encourage anyone that was thinking of volunteering to contact I Need Helpers. As I have volunteering with them for the last 5 years and thoroughly enjoy every event I have volunteered at.”

Beverley Emmett – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“If I had to choose one word to represent the I Need Helpers network, it would be “access.” Access to high-profile volunteering opportunities, access to plenty of information for your duties, and access to excellent support online and in the field. I Need Helpers makes volunteering accessible, meaningful and fun, without any guesswork or worries. You’ll be in good hands, and I highly recommend volunteering through this organisation.”

Michael Lotsaris – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“I would just like to add that I found Alex, Helani and Rahim very friendly and approachable. Not easy to run such a big challenge and I know there were some issues but at the end of the day I think the day was a success and all the better for next year. Well done team.”

Phil Treloar – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“Hello people, INH has always been a wonderful place of amazing people to work with. INH has given the opportunity to showcase your skills and be a part of various globally recognized events. Looking forward to working with INH more soon! Cheers!”

Samay Jain – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“This volunteering opportunity was so exciting, breaking the mundane student routine and reaching out, interacting with people and helping people out was so much fun. I hope to continue to volunteer for INH events and would like to thank their super-friendly supervisors and great support for making volunteering a genuinely rewarding experience.”

Alpha Raj Mekapogu – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“I volunteered first time with I Need Helpers team and it was an amazing experience! They made me feel welcome and part of the team. Thanks to I Need Helpers team for giving me an opportunity to work with people from different cultures, races, countries and ages. It helps in gaining knowledge and it gives immense satisfaction in helping others.”

Dev Kadiri – Australia Day 2020 Volunteer


“I would like to personally thank the whole team for my wonderful first year’s experience. It was overall such an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I took it up. Vivid 2019 was the best experience ever and I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Tania Lai – Vivid Sydney 2019 Volunteer


“Overall, I was very satisfied with the online organisation, briefings, friendly supervision, and provision of clothing and food for my volunteering (not to mention that lovely thank-you function after Vivid; that was a nice surprise). I felt like I was well looked after and treated with respect. I had a great time meeting new people, trying different tasks, and being amongst the Sydney nightlife. I encourage INH to keep up the good work and I would highly recommend for others to try volunteering for Vivid too.”

Michael Lotsaris – Vivid Sydney 2019 Volunteer


“From the outset, I should state that my experience at Vivid 2019 was most pleasurable and probably one of the best I have experienced. Thanks must go to the whole team for its support and hard work.”

Les Robinson – Vivid Sydney 2019 Volunteer


“I absolutely loved the experience and found that I felt like I was part of a team and everyone was ‘in it together’. There was plenty of help if any was needed and I wasn’t afraid to ask anyone if I wasn’t sure.”

Chun Yeung  Chan | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“Had a lovely first experience volunteering with I Need Helpers! They were an amazing bunch of people and provided a wonderful environment to volunteer in!”

Ana Tyrrell | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I enjoyed being a part of such a big event. I was able to gain a lot of experience I need the events industry, as well as meeting new people and making new friends. All of the volunteers and staff were very nice and the environment was very welcoming. I would definitely like to volunteer again.”

Mahrukh  Ahsan | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I have been volunteering with I Need Helpers since they first came to Sydney an thoroughly enjoy being with the. I would highly recommend anyone that had the opportunity to volunteer with them to do. Looking forward to being there with you all again next year.”

Bev Emmett | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I have been with I need helpers for three years now and have always found them friendly and willing , they are well led by Alex Rixon Booth would highly recommend.”

David Anderson | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I love this volunteering work and the way I Need Helpers support their volunteers. Hope to continue being a part of other events on I Need Helpers in future. Love and regards!”

Trang Tran | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I Need Helpers have given me opportunities to experience how an major event takes place. I have volunteer for the last two years and I will be back again. I have friends that have ask me how to get involved.”

Julie Jarrett | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I volunteered last year with I Need Helpers and I had the best first volunteer experience in Australia! It was way beyond my expectations. I really felt part of something exciting and the team was great! I volunteered again this year and regret I could not give back as much time. I would definitely volunteer again in the future if the opportunity is given to me. The interaction with the patrons and the other volunteers is excellent and everyone is given a chance to build/strengthen/grow their event industry experience.”

Luce Abrate | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I Need Helpers always have their volunteers at heart and continue to make us feel valued and proud with the high esteem Vivid is held in nationwide. Looking forward to many more varieties of eventing on the horizon for the team.”

Christine Kazub | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I Need Helpers is really good at volunteers management, I can check for my shifts easily and the ID badge is really handy. Overall I have a really good opportunity to meet new people!”

Victor Sun | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I Need Helpers is such an amazing platform for volunteers! It has everything you need to know all in one place about events, opportunities and roles and their communication with you is clear and helpful. The I Need Helpers team made my experience so easy and enjoyable and I would definitely take up more opportunities with them in the future :)”

Rachelle Tacadena | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“Both my personal and professional skills increased in less than a month spent volunteering and I’m so grateful to the director and all the staff for passing on a bit of their knowledge and experience. Great chance to improve you social-customer service skills, as well as taking a first step into events.”

-Maria Biella | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“Really enjoyed working with the I Need Helpers team they make working with them enjoyable and care about the volunteers as much as they care about making the event successful. Will volunteer with them again.”

Margaret Lihos | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“The best thing working with I Need Helpers was you get hands on experience and improve your costumer service skills, I was so happy to be part of it and make new friends as well.”

Sarina Mouzenian | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“The I Need Helpers management system for volunteers (especially the electronic badge for quick sign in via scan) is excellent.”

Julian Foster | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“The whole Vivid volunteer experience was so much fun allowing a different perspective on the vivid experience and installations while making new friends!”

Alice Batchelor | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I Need Helpers setup and ran very professional management of the whole volunteer process from start to finish. The bonus was that by the end of the event there was an enormous feeling of family; amongst everyone. I do believe that the standard for managing volunteers is set very high for any future events I might work on or with.”

Jen Gwynne | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“Thank you to the staff of I Need Helpers who managed seamlessly and professionally- you made sure we had the best volunteer experience possible.”

Michael Foy | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“The I Need Helpers team were great and provided clear and structured information throughout the event. I look forward to being involved in future events with I Need Helpers.”

Michael Zanbaka | Vivid Sydney 2018 Volunteer


“I absolutely loved the experience and found that I felt like I was part of a team and everyone was ‘in it together’. There was plenty of help if any was needed and i wasn’t afraid to ask anyone if i wasn’t sure.”

Caitlin Murray | La Trobe University | Bachelor of Business (Event Management and Marketing)


“I Need Helpers provided a high level of interaction with the volunteers about their experiences

Angus Browne | Sydney College of Event Management | Event Management Student


“I loved working as a part of the I Need Helpers team at the 2013 ICP. The event gave me hands on experience that I wouldnt be able to get anywhere else! I also enjoyed working with such a great group of friendly people”

Amber Robinson | La Trobe University | Business Management (Events)


“I simply love volunteering at events around Melbourne and so thankful for INH! You guys really have the most amazing and anticipated events of the year.
You’re an amazing team of people and I enjoyed meeting and working alongside you all. I cannot wait for other future events to come. !!”

Tracey Tran | Monash University – Bachelor of Business and Commerce, majoring in Management and Economics


“A great team of people who are passionate about the industry and willing to share there experience and knowledge.They look after there own and offer plenty of opportunities for all there volunteers. Not everyone is like I Need Helpers and its good to know that they will protect the rights of all volunteers in their care.”

Jessica Rice | William Angliss Institute of TAFE – Event Management Student


“In all my volunteering experience, this has been the most formal (e.g. registration, identification etc.) volunteering management system I’ve encountered. The timetable was done well, briefings were short but relevant and the perks were fantastic! Thanks for a great time.”

St Kilda Film Festival 2013 Volunteer | I Need Helpers


“I Need Helpers provided me with a lot of knowledge, experience, skills and new connections. I started volunteering with I Need Helpers in 2013 at the Chan’s Dumpling Festival. This was my first move to a hospitality industry, and I loved it. Volunteering with I Need Helpers has kick started my volunteering involvement. I am now working for a lot of major events in Melbourne and I Need Helpers started it all for 2013. Thanks I Need Helpers!!”

Hung Pham | RMIT University Student – Public Relations


“Volunteering with the I Need Helpers team was an amazing experience! For my first time volunteering, they made me feel welcome and equal. It was made clear to me that my enjoyment of the event was a priority at all times, it didn’t feel like working at all!”

Paige Callanan | MasterChef Kitchen Tour Volunteer 2013


“Through ‘I Need Helpers’, they have enabled my platform into the wonderful industry of Events. If it wasn’t for ‘I Need Helpers’ I would not be where I am at this present moment in time within the Events Industry. This organisation is simply brilliant to start your Events Career”

Natasha Wainshtein | William Angliss Institute – Events Management


“I have volunteered for a number of events with I Need Helpers and each time they have been extremely supportive, welcoming and encouraging. The I Need Helpers team provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and build upon key skills, expand their knowledge in events coordination and management, and build key contacts within industry. The team has been absolutely wonderful to work with and each member shows great professionalism, organisation and flexibility, all vital traits when working in events. Most importantly, volunteering with I Need Helpers is great fun and opens doors to all sorts of opportunities!”

Reahn Aitchison | Post Event Management Graduate


“I love the fact that I Need Helpers is a platform for my work experience, it’s easy and simple to access and provides great opportunities.”

Michelle Nguyen | LaTrobe University – Bachelor of Business (Event Management)


“I Need Helpers provides a single source of information for people who want to volunteer at events, I love it!”

Julia Sparrow | La Trobe Univeristy – Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management/Event Management)


“I Need Helpers is AWESOME, they communicate, look out for their volunteers and give amazing opportunities :)”

Jessica Rice | William Angliss Institue – Diploma of Events


“I really enjoyed myself and it was great being able to invite a friend who could be there to experience the event with me. It was also great getting to know Alex and being able to ask event related questions, and thanks I Need Helpers, I now have begun to think about the area of events I would like to eventually work in!”

Cristina Zannoni | 3050 Challenge Volunteer 2014


“I would like to thank I Need Helpers for all their support over the event. They were always willing to answer any questions and always ensured that everyone was happy and enjoying their time at the event.
They were very thankful for all the volunteers hard-work that made it a pleasure to be a part of the event.”

Anita Kovacevic | Sydney College of Event Management – Events Management


“The best thing about I Need Helpers is that they care for you like family. The coordinators on site provide such positive appraisal and support. An unforgettable experience to feel what it is like to be working in a team with a bunch of talented and energetic people in the events industry.”

Quoc Truong | Swinburne University – Bachelor of Communication Design & Marketing


“I enjoyed the most is the network of people that I met as I volunteered for I Need Helpers. I enjoyed that we helped out with a charity and got to enjoy the entertainment but we were also gaining more experience in events and how they are conducted.”

Ruby Carrera | Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) event student


“It’s really great to know that there’s someone we can refer to all the time, and someone who cares about the vollies. This was really one of the best volunteering experiences I’ve had.”

Gabrielle Dauby | Supergraph 2014 Volunteer


“When volunteering for I Need Helpers I felt like I was part of a family. It was educating, hard work but a lot of fun. I Need Helpers gave me the opportunity to work for major events which otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to be a part of.”

Asanki Fernando | Victoria University event student


“My first experience with I need helpers was at the Financial Education Summit. The guys at I Need Helpers are great to work with. What I have enjoyed the most so far is the range of events that we as volunteers have the opportunity to experience. I love working closely with celebrities and I have had that chance with I Need Helpers and Im looking forward to more opportunities like that in the future.”

Rayhana Moustapha |  Just starting her event course


“Thank you for your commitment to the team, giving us breaks and checking up on us. It is always nice to be offered water at an event – which has been very rare in most of my experiences. So thank you.”

St Kilda Festival volunteer 2013


“I enjoyed that i could work with like minded people, where i was learning and having fun. I like volunteering for I Need Helpers because i can communicate the same way for each event, i dont have to have a million different emails to respond to.”

Louisa Karmouche | William Angliss Institute event student


“Working on events, gaining knowledge and creating a pleasant atmosphere for people is rewarding in its own way. No money can fill the reward of doing something you love, especially when it comes to helping others.”

Nicole Hadjiyiannis | Event management student

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