The following page has been created to answer any questions you may have about our services – always feel free to contact us on (03) 9804 5816 if you still have questions.

All staff and volunteers arranged through our services are automatically covered by I Need Helpers. We hold all required insurances for staff and volunteer placement as well as Public Liability insurance with a minimum cover of $20,000,000 per claim and Professional Indemnity insurance with a minimum cover of $10,000,000 per claim.

1) Are staff & volunteers covered by any insurance?
Yes, staff and volunteers who arranged through I Need Helpers’ services are automatically covered by our insurance. If you decide to include external contacts (manually created by you) through our recruitment tools will not fall under our insurances.

In addition to holding all required insurances for staff and volunteer placement, we have Public Liability insurance with a minimum cover of $20,000,000 per claim and Professional Indemnity insurance with a minimum cover of $10,000,000 per claim.

2) Is it possible for the event management company to provide volunteers with event branded t-shirts and lanyards?
Yes, if the event company wishes to provide event branded volunteer tops then the I Need Helpers team is more than happy to distribute them prior to the event. There will be no additional fees for using event tops vs I Need Helpers’ volunteer tops.

3) Are volunteers onsite required to have a lanyard even if we already provide one onsite?
We ask that we also issue an I Need Helpers lanyard to volunteers to allow us to easily recognise who is associated with I Need Helpers and keep track of our volunteers while onsite.

4) Will I Need Helpers provide meals and water to volunteers while onsite?
I Need Helpers will provide bottled water for each volunteer for their shift. However, we do not provide food for volunteers and we kindly request that the event management team provide food or food vouchers for volunteers who have a shift longer than 5 hours.

5) What if my company or organisation is a for-profit entity? Can volunteers still assist at for- profit events?
I Need Helpers is unable to provide volunteers in the for-profit sector of the events industry
as this is out of the scope is the current agreed definition and principles of volunteering enforced by Fair Work Australia. We can however involve our service-learning program offered to students which can be requested by still completing a request form on our website.

6) Can I Need Helpers provide volunteers or students in the service-learning program to fulfil hospitality tasks such as beverage and food service?
I Need Helpers is committed to providing educational opportunities to event management students and thus does not ask its volunteers to perform roles that do not have an educational benefit. Furthermore, Fair Work Australia request that volunteers do not replace paid workers
at an event and the INH team cannot ask volunteers or students involved in the service learning program to perform hospitality roles such as food / drink service.
– Unless you have complete access to our Volunteer Management System, you will be provided with pre-determined positions to select from. A list of these positions can be found below and additional roles required for your event can be discussed with I Need Helpers.

7) Where do volunteers that are on the I Need Helpers’ database come from?
We market our volunteer program through local TAFE and universities within inner-Melbourne. Our volunteers are generally students studying event management courses throughout the Melbourne area who are looking for experience in the events industry.

8) Do you provide volunteers for events outside of the Melbourne region?
At the moment we do not currently operate outside the inner Melbourne region. Expansion throughout the state and further afield is planned for the near future.

9) What roles can volunteers undertake?
Volunteers can undertake numerous roles such as:

Bump-out assistance
Registration desk duties
FOH ushering
Gift bag or product distribution Administration assistance
Event preparation and logistic matters BOH dressing and model liaison Directions and informational booth attendant

10) Are all staff and volunteers over the age of 18?
Yes, we make sure all of the career-driven staff and volunteers who are registered on our database are above the age of 18.

11) What are the minimum numbers of volunteers we can ask for?
Any number of volunteers can be asked for. However, pricing for volunteers is calculated based on pricing tiers and the amount of volunteers required helps us to select the appropriate pricing tier.

12) Is a notice of one month necessary for volunteer requests?
A notice of one month is not entirely necessary. Depending on the requirements, we may be able to assist your event requests. We do suggest a minimum of one month’s notice in order to fulfil your requirements to the best of our abilities.

13) Do multi-day events require the same amount of volunteers per day?
No, you are able to select the number of volunteers per day based on your own requirements. Our pricing table is just a guide so please request a quote to be generated based on your specific per day requirements.

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