Staff & Volunteer Management System (SVMS):

I Need Helpers’ SVMS (a product of I Need Helpers) is a staff and volunteer management platform, built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading the way in innovation and automation in major event resourcing.

The platform has specifically been tailored to handle staff and volunteers for both small and large-scale resourcing needs. Our cloud-based and automated approach to staff and volunteer management provides clients the flexibility and ease they need.

The system uses a number of complex algorithms and has allowed I Need Helpers to manage two of Australia’s major events simultaneously along with some of the largest resource program events.

We’ve brought staff and volunteer scheduling / management to a whole new level where the system automatically matches candidates, contacts and find replacements should cancellations occur (the system even knows when to call candidates all by itself!). The platform has been built with machine learning processes, which allows our platform to learn and understand from historic data to automate screening, scheduling and even suggest actions from you!


  • Customised Registration Form (includes custom questions, fields and website embedding)
  • Access to a database of 22,173 ‘tried and tested’ active staff and volunteers.
  • Integration into INH Opportunities database – and/or external databases
  • Onsite Management (barcode sign-in / contact details / live wage tracking / attendance reports)
  • Interview & shortlisting tools
  • Standardised Résumé Bot (Compare selected information in Applicant’s résumés in an identical layout. – apples with apples!)
  • Briefing attendance management
  • Roster management & automated email / SMS for shift changes
  • Auto-recruit functionality (have a complex set of algorithms replace automatically replace any cancellations)
  • In Built Mail System (ensure all correspondence tracked and together)
  • Mail Reply Suggestions (scans emails to suggested pre-drafted responses) V2.8
  • In-Built Phone Management System (INH Phone)
  • Shift conflicting manager
  • Automated Certificates of Appreciation (Including custom design documents and DOCX upload with custom fonts)
  • Decline shift record manager – track all shift declines, which is factored into roster population algorithm.
  • Minimum Shift Prompt Manager & Minimum Shift Exemption Tool.
  • Automated Instant Assignment & Screening Tool (integrates with external databases and custom screening conditions).
  • Manage volunteer, staff, contractors, internal and external users.
  • Online training module wizard & completion certificates.
  • SCORM e-learning file embedding (industry standard for online training courses with assessment).
  • Report Builder Wizard
  • Staff & Volunteer Availability Management
  • Mass Hour Update
  • Industry Awards (Payrates, Penalty Rates in accordance with Fairwork Australia)
  • Provides access to Fairwork Australia’s required documentation for casual staff instant download.
  • ABN / TFN staff payroll (Integrated with Accounting software such as NewEmployee, MYOB & Xero)
  • Staff reimbursements Tracking
  • Live Roster Reports for Event Managers & Production Staff (mobile friendly)
  • Fleet Management (Driver & Ground Logistics Coordination)
  • Staff & Volunteer catering quantity, dietary and cost calculations
  • Staff & Volunteer login & in-depth permissions
  • Timezones and daylight saving synchronisation – ensure your events nationwide receive emails and SMS notifications no matter which location.
  • Automated Emails / Phone Calls / SMS Reminders and Thank You’s / feedback forms
  • Automated rostering tools (removes applicants by deadlines, finds new replacements etc.)
  • Auto population & replacement tools (unique algorithms developed over the last 10 years)
  • In-depth demographic and shift analytics
  • INH Opportunities’ API (Integrate with your own CRM or application Forms)
  • Document storage & management
  • Zone Management
  • Integrates with Google Places API ensuring each venue and address is accurately mapped.
  • Google Maps API linked to database coordinates (change the meeting spot, which automatically syncs with user’s information – no need to re-send).
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Multiple Coordinator Access to manage onsite operations
  • Qualification & certification management
  • 250+ Position Outline templates created for your use
  • Server Security with ISO 27001 certification
  • And much much much more…

VMS users are granted access to the INH Support Centre and Support Team:
VMS Payroll Intergration

Currently integrates with the following Payroll & CRMs:
VMS Payroll Intergration

Currently integrates with the following third party software; CRMs:

Integrates with Google Places to validate all venue and street addresses & to pin-point for users.
VMS Google Places Intergration

Supports ALL Australian and United Kingdom phone networks (note: other service providers use these networks):


INH VMS is accessible via the cloud from any operating system (mobile / tablet or desktop – Windows / Mac etc.) as well as through our Mac Desktop Application.
Note: System requirements: OSx 10.10 or highermobile_networks_uk

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