Fleet Management

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Fleet Management

When managing drivers and ground logistics staff it is always a challenge to know exactly where they are or how long they will take to arrive.

The scenario of wanting to know how far away a delivery truck is from the event site to gather staff and support with unloading was becoming far too common for us… We’ve used tech to solve that problem.

Now all drivers / logistics crew will show on a full screen map (Android / iPhone & desktop) for onsite coordinators as well as office staff, pin-pointing exact locations. This allows you to know who is the closest driver is to respond to talent movements / call the active vehicles and provide directions / provide more accurate ETAs / advise collection points.

App uses 750kb per hour (would take 1,000+ days of constant use to use 1gb of data). Note: It is recommended to have mobile devices plugged in on charge as long period of use will use battery of the device.

All in a tap of a button!


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