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We’re introducing a virtual currency to INH Opportunities… feedback from students has been great so far!

“[virtual currency helps].. shape user behavior, and increase use retention and engagement.”


We’ve introduced an exciting way to reward our students for their industry involvements and, combined with industry hours, give students priority for future positions (paid and voluntary)! ‘INH Points’ are accumulated through paid and volunteer involvements (1 shift = 5 INH Points) and can be exchanged for resources, tickets to INH run networking events and much much more!! It’s not only experience you will be receiving with us – it’s a community to help build your knowledge and to assist you in gaining future employment.
INH Points can also be purchased for $1 each; however, we are restricting purchases until we’ve distributed 10,000 INH Points to give those who are actively participating priority and to build the worth of the virtual currency.

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