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I Need Helpers has established a strong reputation over the last ten years in staff & volunteer management. Our service is aimed at providing impeccable assistance to events throughout Australia, whilst ensuring best practices for the growth of our industry.

We provide staff and volunteer management consulting, onsite management & coordination and a custom built rostering platform to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our custom-built Staff & Volunteer Management System (VMS) has been proven to support the hundreds of small and large-scale events over the last ten years and allows you to tap into a pool of intelligent and motivated individuals in only a few easy steps.

To find out more about our services and what we do, please visit the Events & Businesses page of our website.

If you would like your event to run smoothly and to make your job easier, please complete the resource request form on our site or call us to discuss your requirements and to see how we could help.

Spice News “…continues to influence the link between industry and students”

“It suits students, allowing them to expand their knowledge and experience in real-life settings” Herald Sun

“Melbourne’s leading volunteer management organisation” Australasian SpecialEvents

“Contribute to both student education and the ease of event planning” Willam Angliss

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We aim to see the events industry grow and provide guidance on best practices in volunteer management. To asset with this, we have created a resources section for those who are engaging event volunteers and for institutes teaching volunteer management. INH xxo

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St Kilda Festival

VIC | Volunteer Management & Coordination

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

VIC | Volunteer Consulting, Management & Coordination

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Festival presented by Bank of Melbourne

VIC | Staff & Volunteer Management, Consulting & Coordination

MasterChef Aus: Kitchen Tour

VIC | Volunteer Management & Coordination

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