We’re passionate about Volunteer Management. If you would like one of our skilled Coordinators to come in and speak about ethical practices and the process of managing volunteers within the Victorian major events sector, please contact us.

At this current time, our Coordinators are only available to speak between November – April within Metro Melbourne.


“I Need Helpers is one of the first organisations to have such a significant influence in the development of volunteer programs for the event sector” Volunteering Victoria

Topics we like to cover:

  • Determining and evaluating volunteer requirements based on analysis of relevant human resource information and consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Assessing benefits, costs and risks to the organisation or project of volunteer involvement.
  • Establishing and assessing the requirements and impacts of relevant legislation and industry codes / ethical placement.
  • Defining volunteer roles according to specific organisational or project requirements.
  • Developing appropriate position descriptions based on the review of volunteer involvement and operational hierarchy.
  • Establishing and incorporating incentives into the recruitment & onsite placement of volunteers to build retention and decrease cancelation rates.
  • Communicating and delegating responsibility to relevant parties according to specific requirements.
  • Training management and onsite staff in Volunteer Management, including but not limited to fatigue management & interaction.
  • Developing a climate of recognition and support for volunteers through representation in the wider environment.
  • Arranging suitable induction and training for volunteers to ensure work roles, rights and responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • Liaising with volunteers regularly to monitor experience from both organisation and volunteer perspective and identify any areas of concern.
  • Identifying and evaluating areas of concern and initiate follow-up action.
  • Identifying and incorporate consideration of volunteer social and other motivations in work design programs.

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