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INH Opportunities is now on iPhone…

INH Mobile Applications

The team is excited to have launched our very own Android Application last month & now having released our iPhone Application today.
By introducing a mobile application, we’re providing an even easier way for episodic staff / volunteers to apply for events, interact with assigned interviews and shift times, contact coordinations through our in-built messaging system and most of all – stay connected!
Notably, this will provide ease for our casual staff & volunteers in connecting, but it will streamline and provide the ability for individuals to be simply ‘scanned’ into /of of their shifts with a unique code – even quicker then a one-click button, which will be helpful when managing 250+ shifts all on the same day we have in March!

We’re excited to be releasing further functionality to the site in the coming months that will change the way events recruit and manage their volunteers.

e: enquiries@ineedhelpers.com

Please contact us for additional information.

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