Welcome! Our services allow students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge outside of the classroom environment, exposing them to practical skills and the ability to solidify course content. We’ve established a strong reputation over the last five years in volunteer management, providing consulting and management services to the events industry.


Each educational institute, across Australia, has been granted access to our Educational Institute Portal, which provides an overview of students at your institute and registered with us. Through our tools you may review feedback left by onsite Staff & Volunteer Coordinators, track their industry involvement (events involved, positions held, durations) as well as download a list of certified hours per student for course requirements.

Should you not have access to our Portal, please contact the Course Coordinator / Campus Director to receive access. Alternatively you may contact us to establish an account.


Volunteering is a fantastic way for students to gain experience and contacts within the industry. I Need Helpers is dedicated to providing students with ethical and well managed hands-on experience. As you can see by our student testimonials, we have a huge focus in best practices and ensuring students receive the most from their involvement.

We have students studying a number of courses from Events Management to Accounting looking to gain that little edge on their résumé before finishing studies and seeking employment.

We stress the importance of both the classroom theory and the practical experience necessary to network and understand how the industry operates.


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