Volunteer Application Behaviour

first post

The I Need Helpers’ Team has been pretty nerdy lately!

We’ve been reviewing the application behaviour of volunteers over the last 8 months, which has been pretty interesting – in a nerdy way! From the results, we’ve tested a new field in the application process, which we’ve had in place for the last three events. This field has seen a significant decrease in cancelation rates (something all volunteer programs will be presented with at some stage!).


Our First Post! xxo

first post

Well, that’s not actually true, after upgrading our servers we will be starting a fresh on this section of the site!

This will not only allow us to include on trend and current information, but allow us to latest statistics from our involvement with the Victorian Major events sector.

We hope that you find this section of our site useful in the planning and engagement of episodic volunteers for the tourism and events sector of Australia. INH xxo

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